Package – DISH Network Basic Programming

The Dish Network Basic Programming package is primarily designed for those who have limited TV viewing, are not interested in specific channels, and do not want to pay too much money initially. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to get many of the sports channels or any of the premium movie or PPV Channels.

Ideal for: Those who just want basic channels, not willing to pay too much money, and who do not want any of the frills included.

Not good for: Those looking for sports, those who like watching movies without commercials, and those who want a lot of channels.

What channels are in the Dish Network Basic Package?

The following 40 channels:

Animal Planet CCTV-E&F DIY HSN
The Outdoor Channel The Biography Channel CNN Headline News EWTN
Kids Tunes RFD-TV Bloomberg Television Colours TV
Fine Living NASA The Science Channel Boomerang
CSTV Food Network Nickelodeon Nick at Nite East Daystar
BYUTV Discovery Kids FOX News Channel Nickelodeon Nick at Nite West
ShopNBC C-SPAN Discovery Times Great American Country (GAC)
Nickelodeon Games & Sports TBN C-SPAN-2 Angel One
Hallmark Channel Nicktoons TV Land CCTV-9
Hallmark Movie Channel QVC The Weather Channel
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